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There are a lot of karate schools out there, so how do you find the best one for you, your children, or your whole family?  

Here are the 5 things you should look for when picking a Martial Arts School:

1. Decide what you hope to gain from Martial Arts. If you want your kids to do better in school in all aspects then you need to look for a dojo that has character building and not just kicking punching in their curriculum. MMA, (Mixed Martial Arts) school training for the next UFC, (Ultimate Fighting Championship) are 2 organizations which get a lot of press, at TBBA we teach the same Martial Art Skills in a safer environment but also include honor, integrity and respect. At TBBA here are some additional benefits:

Improve Fitness & Flexibility - Boost Self-confidence & Self-esteem - Develop Self-Control & Self-discipline
Heighten Self-Defense - Increase Mental Focus & Concentration - Handle Bullies & Negative Peer Pressure
Learn Social Skills & Leadership - Enhance Academic Performance � Know the 7 magic words of Karate

2. Find a qualified instructor. Make sure that you and/or your kids feel comfortable with the instructor(s). Just because someone is a "world champion," or has a lot of tournament trophies, does not always equal a "great teacher". The teacher that takes his/her time with you and helps you to understand the lesson will be much more beneficial than the undefeated grand champion of the world who boasts about how great he is. Even if you have to drive a little further or pay a little more for training, it will be well worth it to know that you are getting great instruction. At TBBA we streamline our teaching to address the specific needs of our students, for example for a child with ADHD we will work on eye contact, focus and we will keep the child�s interest by keeping the class moving with no time to lose focus. For more information about the instructors at TBBA see our "About Us" page.

3. Location and Times. Joining a Dojo and learning Karate is a big commitment. Is the Dojo location close to your home, work or school? What times are the classes? You will be spending 2 evenings a week at the Dojo, so it needs to be conveniently located and the class schedule needs to fit yours. We offer an introduction process so that you can have one on one time with one of our certified instructors, ask questions about the benefits and schedule that will work the best for you. TBBA is located at Woods Chapel Road and MO-291 in Lee�s Summit, MO. This makes us convenient for those who live in Raytown, Independence, Lake Lotawana, Lake Wood, Blue Springs, and Pleasant Hill. We also offer many different times to train. With morning Home School physical education classes, morning Adult Karate  & early morning Kick Boxing / Aerobic classes, Little Tiger / pre-school Karate. We are especially excited about our new Afterschool program, where we pick up your youth from elementary & middle schools, they have a healthy snack, do a full high quality Karate class including goal setting and leadership skills. This is a far superior alternative to day care, you have to pay for only one activity (TASK) not daycare and then karate and it frees up your evening for other activities or simply relaxing with your child.  

4. Style. There are many different styles, such as Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, and Gojo Ryu (just to name a few). All styles have great value and have been taught, some for centuries. However they all have the same basic theme kicking punching and grappling. It is na�ve to say one is better than another, at TBBA we are very proud of our high quality and detailed Martial Arts program incorporating all aspects of fighting skills, self defense and character building which is authenticated by the American Black Belt Association a world renowned Martial Arts Organization.

5. Sit down with the Instructor and discuss your goals with him/her. During your introduction process we will guide you through all questions and find out which goals and benefits you would like to achieve through Martial Arts. While self discipline is a large part of martial arts you must remember that the instructor is working with you and you deserve the best instruction available.

Every school has a different mix of these five things and it is important to find a school with a balance that you're happy with. Good luck and happy training.


A black belt is nothing more than a belt that goes around your waist. Being a black belt is a state of mind and attitude.�
- Rick English

We specialize in Martial Arts instruction for all ages. Our Karate curriculum focuses on the required needs of each age group; kids, teens, adults and seniors and is conveniently located in Lee�s Summit.


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